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Wanda is the complete package when it comes to immersive 3D visualisations of spaces imagined and real.

As the UK's leading provider of digital visualisation, our experts utilise the very best software, hardware and imaging tools to create 3D virtual tours that can be shared online to a global audience. Using the very latest infrared scanners and cameras from the USA to industry leading design software, we make sure your product will stand out from the crowd.

Wanda is more than a 360 image. Wanda transports you into a 3D Virtual World, allowing you to explore spaces through high definition First Person View technology. 

Using the latest technology, Wanda combines Infrared, 360 imagery and photography to bring you anything from a 3D tour of a museum to a dolls house view of a property, or even transport you back in time with virtual visits to historic sites.

Wanda is mobile friendly, available to view in VR Headsets and easy to embed into your own website to show off your establishment. 



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