Client: Corinthia Hotel, London

Brief: To create high end tours of this 5 star hotel showing rooms, suites, the 4 floor spa, business and event facilities and the general ambience of the establishment, all within keeping of the standards required by the hotel's marketing department. An extra demand placed upon our work for the Corinthia was to deliver content in time for a group management meeting, meaning we needed to work to a very tight schedule to complete all the requested models. Further to this, we were asked to create a packaged Virtual Reality offering of the hotel's seven penthouse suites.


Details: After consultation meetings with the hotel's marketing manager, our team were asked to carry out 2 weeks of scanning and filming. Spaces were prepared, dressed and scheduled by the hotel and our operatives worked day and night to complete the work. Working efficiently alongside the marketing department to maximise our time on site we often carried out 24 hour shifts to fit in to the tight timescale. In between scanning, we carried out edits and uploads to ensure that content was delivered ahead of the required deadline.

Feedback:  All models produced have been scrutinised in detail by our team as well as the marketing department of the hotel - the demands of a client of this nature were extremely high as the portrayal of quality is upper most on their priority list.  Fortunately, our results are always of the highest standard and are perfectly suited to showcasing luxury brands and establishments, and those from the Corinthia Hotel, London have been some of our very finest. The hotel certainly feels that it now has a highly marketable bank of resources which will fit in perfectly with its prestigious image. Fittingly, as a forerunner at the pinnacle of London's hotel scene, the Corinthia will now lead the way in digital media in its industry.