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As good as physically being on site, Wanda 3D models and virtual tours give your potential clients access to every area of your venue meaning they can explore, imagine and plan their event without even visiting. 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Proven Sales conversions
  • Engaging content


As the head of a leading 5 Star hotel chain said to us "the time will come when, if a hotel does not have a virtual tour, people will wonder what they have to hide"

We work closely with hotels all over the World to showcase, promote, and ultimately sell their accommodation, event spaces facilities and overall experience. 

Photographs and videos do not immerse and engage in the same way that our content allows. Have a look on our Case Studies page and see how major hotel chains are using Wanda 3D to revolutionise their digital marketing.

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Draw visitors to new exhibits or show off stunning architecture. Spaces are a meaningful, emotionally engaging way to experience venues online

  • Heritage sites such as castles, museums, art galleries etc..
  • Promotion of event spaces
  • Behind the scenes access
  • Accessibility projects, using virtual tours to provide access to areas that are dangerous or difficult for visitors with disabilities
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construction & INDUSTRY

Streamline workflows, engage stakeholders, and document every step of your project. 

  • Dispute resolution
  • Site training
  • Take measurements


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retail & restaurants

Show off your establishment and provide a preview of what customers can expect - you can even link products in the tour to your e-commerce pages for a true virtual shopping experience.

  • Link items to payment pages
  • Link to reservations and bookings
  • Link to menus
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Use Wanda 3D to explore environments and research information on virtual field trips, or solve clues in mystery games in exciting and engaging locations.

  • Create follow up content for school trips
  • Use interactive tagging to explain in more detail
  • Use multi-lingual tagging
  • Visit locations that are physically impossible



Make Wanda 3D your secret weapon and engage with online viewers in a transformative, immersive way.

  • Embed models in listing sites
  • Use interactive tagging to explain details
  • Showcase every inch
  • Save time by reducing physical viewings
Example Overlay

Example Overlay

Wanda 3D: the possibilities are endless

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