Client: Bath & NE Somerset Council

Brief: To work with the council's Museums Marketing team to create 3D models and virtual tours of the famous Roman Baths, the Victoria Art Gallery and the Fashion Museum in the historic city of Bath, UK.. 

Details: As one of the largest project we have undertaken, we carried out a scoping visit to the three sites a month in advance. This allowed us to plan our filming and spot any potential issues ahead of time. We also obtained a very clear indication of what the marketing team wanted from their tours. Rebecca Clay, Heritage Marketing Manager explains: "We were looking for a new and accessible way of presenting our labyrinthine museum to the public after many years of feedback from visitors expressing their surprise at the scale of the place. We had used a variety of flat floorplans that really didn’t do the site justice but when we saw what Wanda 3D had done for other sites we knew that this was exactly what we needed to represent our site".

Feedback: This was always going to be an extremely challenging project - the scale of the Roman Baths as a single model was immense and there were plenty of barriers such as low light conditions, multiple levels, reflective surfaces, outside and inside areas, weather conditions and out of hours scanning. Our teams worked through the night to capture this spectacular example, one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UK, and the quality of the tours has given the marketing team at Bath NES a unique and beautiful way to graphically present their venues, as well as giving the public a chance to explore some of the most historically important sites in the country. Our scanning operators were highly prepared and as such were able to work at all three sites without any disruption to the staff - always an important consideration when working around busy schedules. Rebecca continues: "The Wanda 3D team made everything incredibly easy for us and despite being located over 200 miles away it felt like working with a local company because they really understood our sites and the challenges we faced in presenting them. The team were fantastic to work with and I cannot recommend them highly enough. We have used the dollhouse images on our printed material which gives an accurate and detailed floor plan for the site and we use the walkthrough on our website to allow virtual visitors to get a flavour of the museums and displays before they visit. The virtual tours have also proved really handy for accessibility and to promote the venue spaces to potential clients"