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Client: Tynwald, Parliament of the Isle of Man - www.tynwald.org.im

Brief: To engage online visitors to the Tynwald website with a full tour of the chamber buildings of the oldest continuous Parliament in the world. The buildings are also of educational value, and tours needed to contain information that would engage school teachers and children following their visits. 

Details: Having visited the island to research the site ahead of a quote, we worked with officials at Tynwald to find out the public and behind the scenes areas they wished to be included. Our team carried out the scanning procedure and verified results with the Chamber officials before approval was given to put it live.

Feedback: To obtain permission to scan a venue of such historic importance and to then be authorised by Presiding Officers to be able to use the results for our own case studies, required work of the very highest professionalism and quality. The tours are a fantastic representation of the uniqueness of the buildings, and the educational content that Tynwald will be adding to the model over time will truly add value to the product.