Client: Xara Palace Relais & Chateaux, Malta -

Brief: To create stunning tours of this 5 star hotel within the medieval walled city of Mdina in Malta. Our tours would be used to allow the hotel marketing department to promote the guest experience of this unique place.

Details: Our team of operatives worked closely with the group management and the head of marketing to carry out scanning and filming in a number of key areas of the Palace, including suites, restaurants and the lobby. We worked out of hours to minimise disruption to hotel staff and guests, ensuring that rooms were dressed to the standard at which the hotel would like to portray.

Feedback: The hotel management have been delighted with the results! From entering the hotel, through to the reception desk and around the lobby, virtual guests can now experience the Palace in such an immersive way that still photographs or standard videos could never allow. The suites are now available to explore, giving potential guests the chance to select their preferred room type ahead of booking, and they can even visit the 2 top class restaurants on offer at the Palace, viewing menus via our interactive links embedded within the tours. From a marketing point of view, the group can now actively promote these experiences on their website as well as on social media, offering something that sets them apart from other 5 star establishments on the island.